Flow through and get used to

Our daycare and out-of-school care are located in one building. This means that brothers and sisters located together and parents no longer have to pick up their children at several locations. It also makes the flow through very easy for children.Toddlers regularly use the different areas of the BSO so for them the BSO is already familiar territory. When transferring from the toddler unit to the BSO, we often plan moments of wenking. This is always in consultation with you as a parent.

If a child transfers from the toddler unit to the BSO unit, we will strive to plan a meeting with the ‘old’ mentor of the toddler group, the ‘new’ mentor of the BSO group and parents. This way, the child is carefully transferred to the new unit. In addition, the child will play twice half a day on the new BSO unit. This is a guideline, if it is pointed out that the child needs more time to get used to the new group, we will discuss this with the parents and there is the possibility to let the child get used to more parts of mutiple days. During the settling-in moments it is central that there is extra attention from the pedagogical staff and that not too much of the child is requested


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