Daycarecentre De Korveltuin started in 2010 and offers daycare for children from 0 to 13 years old.  Within the nursery we work with horizontal groups from 0-2 years old (baby-unit) and from 2-4 years old (toddler-unit), to stimulate the development of your child as well as possible.

For childeren in primary school we offer care outside school hours. This consists of before-school care and after-school care.
Childcare offers parents the opportunity to combine raising children and work. But de Korveltuin wants more; we want to contribute to a good starting position of children in society. Based on a pedagogically solid base, we offer childcare that is attractive and challenging for children and conveys the qualities and uniqueness of every child. In our pedagogical plan you can read how we give substance to this.

Our pedagogical policy plan clearly indicates the way our employees deal with children, how they guide them and stimulate their development.
Bating illness and holiday leave, our employees work in the same groups as much as possible in order to guarantee continuity and recognizability for the children and to be able to execute the mentorship properly. We have chosen the theme “garden” for our child center because it is like an oasis in the middle of the city.

Every room is spacious, bright and decorated colorfully. Our group names are also named after flowers. ‘Give children the chance to grow and florish’ is our motto!

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