The nutritional policy of de Korveltuin aims for that every child receives sufficient and responsible food. This nutritional policy has been established with the advice of the consultation office and in consultation with the parents’ committee. In addition to a responsible diet, de Korveltuin ensures a balanced climate in which varied meals are offered. The manner in which meals are offered stimulate social interaction and teach proper table manners. Children need healthy food to developproperly. Regarding the babies, at first the rithm from home is adapted. When children grow older, we offer the bread meals in a group situation. We have scheduled table moments, where the children receive different kind of foods and drinks. Before the meal, the toddlers clean their own hands. The children eat together with the pedagogical staff at the table. The children first receive a sandwich with savory toppings and for the next sandwich can choose between a savory or sweet topping. As soon as children are able to make their own sandwich, they are allowed to do this.

Sometimes the children receive a litte treat; for example a sausage, a piece of cucumber, paprika or tomatoe. Children are not forced, but stimulated to clean their plate. During the day the children are offered water. During the lunch they are offered milk or water. Babies eat and drink according to their own schedule. If the parents want to, there is a possibility to breastfeed at de Korveltuin location. The bottle feeding is offered by de Korveltuin (brand: Nutrilon).

Diet and Allergies

Parents are responsible to inform the pedagogical employee about any diets, allergies or wishes for the nutrition. These wishes are discussed clearly during the intake meeting or during a transfer talk, and also written down on the intake form.

TreatsWhen your child celebrates its birthday, it is fun to treat the other children. For nice and healty tips concerning healthy treats, you can visit this website:

If there is a vegetarian or biological lifestyle then this is respected.
We also respect special dietary requirements related to religious or culture.

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