Playing outside

Child care center de Korveltuin has a beautiful outdoor area. The outdoor area has two play areas, a playground located directly at the building and a playground located at the front on the street side.


The playground near the building has a large toy boat as well as a sandbox. There is a playground, with slide and climbing track and there is various outdoor material such as bicycles, scooters and buckets with scoops and balls. At the playground on the street side there are 2 goals where football can be played. This playground is also used by the older children by bike. Of course the garden is well protected with a fence so that the children can not get on the street.

We prefer to play outside with the children every day, of course this is partly dependent on the weather. Children who can not walk go outside when the weather is nice (above 18 degrees) and dry or possibly in a buggy.



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