If your child visits the VSO, we will first play and there is time to wake up.
From 8.15 we take the children to school.
A regular driver or a pedagogical employee from de Korveltuin takes your child to school and/or picks him/her up.
Depending on the distance, the children are walking or travel in our own nice Korveltuin minibus or cargo bike.
We made clear arrangements with the school about where the children are dropped off or picked up, there is always supervision during the transfer.

BSO de Korveltuin arranges the transport to and from a couple of elementary schools.

These are the following:

  • Zuidwester
  • De Triangel
  • De Borne
  • De Blaak
  • De Vuurvogel
  • De Christoffel
  • De Zonnesteen

zuidwester triangel elzen
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