Food and treat

The child daycare center Korveltuin food policy aims that every child gets sufficient and responsible food. This food policy has been drawn up taking account of the opinions by the consultation Office and in consultation with the parent commission. In addition to a responsible nutrition carries de Korveltuin care child Center for a balanced climate in which different meals are offered. The way in which meals are offered contribute to encouraging social interaction and learning table manners.


Children need good nutrition to develop properly. At the BSO unit we offer the bread meals in a group situation. We have scheduled table moments, where the children receive different kind of foods and drinks. In the BSO unit the most independent children sit at a table without a direct employee close by. Of course there is supervision from a small distance, we want to give children the trust they need to learn to make good choices during the meal. Children who are not ready (yet) for this, have their meal at a table with direct supervision from the pedagogical employee.  Sometimes the children receive a litte treat; for example a sausage, a piece of cucumber, paprika or tomatoe. Children are not forced, but stimulated to clean their plate. During the day the children are offered water. During the lunch they are offered milk or water. Diet and Allergies

Parents are responsible to inform the pedagogical employee about any diets, allergies or wishes for the nutrition. These wishes are discussed clearly during the intake meeting or during a transfer talk, and also written down on the intake form.

TreatsWhen your child celebrates its birthday, it is fun to treat the other children. For nice and healty tips concerning healthy treats, you can visit this website:

If there is a vegetarian or biological lifestyle then this is respected.
We also respect special dietary requirements related to religious or culture.


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