Within the Korveltuin, we work with horizontal groups of 0 - 2,5 years (baby unit) and 2 - 4 years (toddler unit), in order to stimulate the development of your child as well as possible. For childeren in primary school we offer out-of-school care, which consists of pre-school care (VSO) and after school care (BSO)!

Baby unit Toddler unit VSO (pre-school) and BSO (after school)

The children can fully enjoy and develop in the beautiful, large and safe rooms with lots of natural light. There is a lot of space to play, in our garden and in our spacious play room inside. Furthermore, the building meets all rules and regulations for childcare organizations.

Horizontal groups
We have chosen to work with horizontal groups. The benefit of this choice is that the children have more peers in the group. In a horizontal group, activities can be better adjusted to the possibilities of all children because there are like-minded.
The pedagogical staff can respond well to the development level of the children and specifically address the needs and interests of the age group. The activities, play material and the group rules are well matched to the age of the children. There is a balanced daily routine.

Children have friends of the same age and can therefore play at their own level.

In the baby groups peace, hygiene and safety can be guaranteed.

Interior space child center
The group rooms are located in a spacious building and all connected by a corridor. In the corridor there are coat hooks at children’s height. Every group has a notice board, where you can find interesting information, such as which theme is being worked on.

The play room is an additional indoor large play area at de Korveltuin. This room is very spacious and is located at the rear of the building. There is a large blackboard, a stage and of course a lot of play material.

The playroom is used by one or more groups. Also special activities take place here like a puppet-show, a visit from the Easter bunny, Sinterklaas, Carnaval, workshops for parents and children and the parental evenings.

The lay-out of the group rooms are geared to children. The spaces are inviting, safe and functional. The rooms provide children with the opportunity to play individually or together, at the table or in a circle. In the toddler rooms there are two toddler toiles and a dresser where the children can be changed. The dresser can be adjusted in height. For the older children we use steps, always under supervision of a pedagogical staff member. Near the parents’ toilets there is a shower to wash children more extensive if necessary.Group rooms have built in bedrooms where the children can sleep. These bedrooms are fire-resistant.In the group rooms is a high table, at which employees and children can sit to do an activity and there is also a table at child height. There is play material focused on the sensory and motor development which is inviting to discover and practise motor skills. There is also material to mimic daily life. The spaces offer many opportunities for playing in different corners and guide the children to independency as much as possible. There are for instance open toy cabinets in order for children to choose and tidy up their toys. The play material is adjusted to the development level. There is development material, creative material, material to encourage fantasy and construction material. In the play room there are balance bikes and walking cars. These are only used during free play time.


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