Rates and surcharges

De Korveltuin has a variaty of contracts.

What does childcare cost at de Korveltuin? Calculate your net costs yourself with our calculator!

We offer different contracts within de Korveltuin. For the day nursery we use contracts for 52- or 40 weeks or a flex contract. Which contract suits you best depends on whether you also want the childcare to continue in the holiday periods or not. If you require highly variable childcare, the flex contract may be better suited to your situation. For 52 or 40 weeks contracts the 10th daypart is totaly free.

For the BSO we have contracts for pre-school care and after-school care. For only the school weeks or for school weeks including the holiday period.

To find out which contract suits you best and what the costs and conditions are, we advise you to contact our planning. They can advice you which contract best suits your situation.

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