Early childhood education (the Dutch abbreviation is VVE) means that children participate from a young age in educational programs to ensure that they can start group 3 of primary school without any backlog. Primary schools, nurseries and playgroups usually follow recognized VVE programs to stimulate the development of young children. At de Korveltuin we will start working with Peuterplein.
The pedagogical staff are currently in training to learn how to work with this method. We are planning to start working with the entire program in 2019.

Peuterplein offers a good preparation for group 1 of primary school, because all areas of development are systematically touched.
Peuterplein pays focused attention to:

Language and vocabulary

  • Verbal language skills (speaking and listening)
  • Budding literacy (book orientation and narrative)
  • Playing with language
  • Vocabulary

Preparing to calculate

  • Counting and early number comprehension (comparing and organizing, early number comprehension, function of counting)
  • Measuring (compare and order, opposites)
  • Space and forms (body knowledge, orientation, construction)

Motor skills

  • Sensory perception (hearing, seeing, feeling, tasting, smelling)
  • Movement
  • Fine motor skills

World orientation

  • The child and the world around him/her
  • Naming people, objects and happenings

Socially emotional development

  • Self-knowledge
  • Self confidence
  • Take others into account
  • Play / work together

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